Build Blockchain Applications
Without Compromising

Reject slow networks, high fees, and terrible user experience. Create more dynamic on-chain experiences than you ever thought possible.

What is Constellation?

The best of all worlds

Every application in the Constellation network gets its own dedicated blockchain universe, offering sub-second confirmation times, ample room to scale and an unprecedented level of customizability.

Constellation chains are united by a hub world, offering security, decentralization, and common infrastructure.

Case study: see how Curio powered their fully-on-chain game with Constellation

(Coming Soon!)

Why Constellation?

A blockchain, just for you

Forward-thinking blockchain developers build on Constellation

Use all Ethereum-compatible smart contract languages, tools and libraries.

Process thousands of transactions per second with near-instant confirmation.

Own your blockchain and control your own destiny. Be more than an app, become an ecosystem.

Try Constellation

It takes under half an hour to deploy your Ethereum-compatible application to a Constellation Chain. We're actively integrating new apps and offer a white-glove onboarding experience to get you started.

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